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The Lobster Shack is owned and operated by Nick and Arlene Crismale. It was always Nick’s dream to open a small seasonal food stand where people could come and enjoy freshly caught lobster and clams right off his boats, eat by the water, and enjoy the beautiful view. Arlene, after a little convincing, decided it might be fun to come aboard and operate this small stand. She wanted to bring people the enjoyment of fresh and delicious food that she has always prepared for her own family over the years. Hence, The Lobster Shack was born!

After enjoying eleven years in Branford, in 2019, The Shack relocated to East Haven.  While the small food truck that we once operated out of is gone, our goal is to continue our tradition in creating a relaxed, casual atmosphere, while enjoying the stunning ocean views from our new location.  

It has been a joy to bring good food to our many wonderful customers. An old friend in the restaurant business once told us to “keep it simple and you will be successful.” This is what we strive to do every day at the Lobster Shack. We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we will enjoy having you here!

The Lobster Shack
(now located on the shoreline in East Haven)
was established
on the 
Branford River in 2007.
Arlene Crismale talks with Ann Nyberg in September 2010 and mentions
what she loves most about what she does.

Arlene Crismale~Lobster Shack
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The Lobster Shack
(original food truck in Branford, CT)
was established on the Branford River in 2007.
The Shack began as a nameless white trailer in the Branford Landing Marina where Nick & Arlene sold fresh lobsters and clams that Nick would bring home each workday.  Eventually, the couple traveled across the river to the Birbarie Marine as Stony Creek Brewery moved into the old space.  As of 2019, the couple has relocated their Lobster Heaven to the old Beachhead restaurant in East Haven, CT (see renovation video below)

Plans Ahead LLC & Tony Thompson share this video (right) that highlights the wonderful renovation work that they completed in 2019 to open up what is now The Lobster Shack in East Haven, CT

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